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What is eGad?

Oh, dear.

We're sorry. We thought you understood. This is just a joke. This is a parody of the famous eBay internet auction thing - not a real auction.

You can't buy anything, nor can you sell anything, and frankly, if you've looked around the site a little bit and still want to, we're worried about you.

Anyway, all clear now? Just wacky fun for wacky enjoyment.

Maybe you like your humor a little more traditional.

You know this one?

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get to the other side.

Get it?

You see, when asked why the chicken crossed the road, most people try to deduct what the chicken intends to accomplish after he is finished crossing the road, assuming that the inquisitor is after more information than the chicken's immediate, simple intention of simply getting to the other side. Certainly, everyone realizes that if the chicken set out to cross the road he intends to reach the opposite curb, but they don't think to answer thusly because of the obviousness of it! What delight, to play with someone's expectations so! They are asked a question they immediately know the answer to, yet feel stumped all the same! What delicious irony, this!

Oh, try as you might, young humor writers of today, you can't beat the classics.

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