Though fun, Halloween can also be a dangerous time, if you aren't careful. Don't worry, though. If you just follow these simple rules, you'll be back to celebrate the dark pagan rituals of October once again next year.

1. Cars are a danger to trick-or-treaters. Be sure to wear dark clothing so those nasty drivers can't spot you.

2. If you suspect that candy you were given may have been tampered with, do not eat it. Have someone dumber and less important than you (baby brother/sister, family dog, social pariah) try it out. If they don't keel over or start coughing up razorblades, you can enjoy the rest.

3. Carving a pumpkin with a sharp knife could lead to nasty cuts or even severed fingers. If you do hack off one or more of your digits, cut little holes in the top of your Jack-O-Lantern and put the spare fingers in for antennae or horns! Also, thumbs make great noses.

4. Don't ever go to the house of a stranger unless there is an adult with you or you hear that he's passing out full-sized Milky Ways, 'cause like Hell you're gonna pass those babies up.

5. If you're attacked by vampires while trick-or-treating, don't just stab them in the heart with a wooden stake - even if they appear dead, you might have missed and they may be playing possum. It's just common sense to play it safe by cutting off their heads too.

6. The reclusive Widow Burnley on Hanson Avenue might not be a witch who steals the souls of children then dines on their husks, but it's best to burn her out of the neighborhood, just to be sure.

7. If the Green Goblin or Hobgoblin starts throwing pumpkin bombs at you, don't worry- that's what your Spider-Sense (tm) is there for.

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